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Manage multiple devices universally from any remote location

Revel Systems is the first to adopt Mobile Device Management (MDM) software across all of its iPad Point of Sale systems. MDM software allows users the ability to manage multiple devices universally from any remote location. Heighten security by locking down or wiping clean any lost or stolen devices remotely.

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Top Benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • Increased security
    MDM software is a requirement for every tablet-based POS systems, as required by PCI Compliance. MDM software allows users to lock down or wipe clean any devices that are lost or stolen, as well as check in on them remotely.
  • Remote access
    Conveniently access and manage your Revel POS app remotely. Be automatically notified from anywhere when there is a new build available.
  • Controlled data usage
    Limit your iPad to only have the Revel app so that employees can’t access extra apps on company time or waste data beyond the basic Revel requirements.
  • Alerts
    Revel’s MDM software will alert you whenever an iPad has low battery life or lost connection to your network.

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