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Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Get customers to keep coming back

Give your customers more reason to keep coming back by rewarding them for repeat business. Set up your loyalty program the way you want it, from how customers are rewarded to the look and feel of a loyalty or gift card.  Setup punch card ability, reward by points, reward by dollar amount you name it Revel can do it.

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Go Paperless

Provide a cardless loyalty program by using customer phone numbers instead. Input a phone number in the iPad Point of Sale and the associated customer profile will appear.

Pay Flat Rate

Revel loyalty programs come at a flat rate with no hidden fees.

Create customer profiles

Know who is participating in your loyalty program by creating customer profiles and collecting contact information.

Customize Your Program

Decide whether you want customers to accrue points or redeem rewards for their purchases.

Branded Cards

Craft loyalty and gift cards to match your overall brand, whether it’s incorporating certain color schemes or logos.

Omni-Channel Loyalty

Integrate your loyalty program with your own mobile app. Send out flash promotions and let customers track their point progress.

Every tool you need to run the business you want.

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