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Employee Management

Track Labor Effortlessly

Revel saves you time and money by monitoring employee activity automatically. Labor management is made easy with our advanced suite of features, including scheduling, payroll, permission controls and performance analysis.

break status schedule

Employee Login and Swipe Cards

Swipe cards and four-digit login pins allow employees to clock in/out and access permissible features, while they allow you to track data by employee and improve overall security.

Payroll Management

Save time by automatically tracking employee time, set different wages for different roles, track overtime and easily export data to your accounting software of choice.

Employee Profit Reports

This powerful tool allows you to see which employees are performing best, who worked most or made the most, as well as percent sales and percent profit.

Custom Permissions

Assign specific roles and permissions for each employee. Make sure they only access the features and reports you designate to them.

Employee Scheduling

Create and modify schedules for every employee based on forecasted activity. Toggle between shift, hours and wage views, and email schedules directly to employees.

Open API

Integrate third-party employee management programs so your system is right for you. 

Every tool you need to run the business you want.

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