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Digital Menu Boards

Engage customers with dynamic displays

Digital signage software pairs with the Revel iPad POS and operates on Samsung Smart TVs. This new, dynamic experience offers businesses creative outlets to display menus, special messaging and imagery.

Digital Menu Board Coffee Shop

Sleek Presentation

Cloud-based and operating off of Samsung Smart TVs, the Digital Menu Boards offer a dynamic and innovative way of showcasing your business's’ offerings.

Quick Editing

Once the Digital Menu Board has been installed, it’s easy to make updates to your menu or alter your display.

Customized Experience

Easily customize and design visually appealing signage for your establishment to display. Customers will be engaged and provided a new approach to menu and signage display.

Easier Selection Process

Customers can view the large menu display while waiting in line and make faster decisions. Specials and promotions can also be advertised, without having to tell each customer as they approach the counter.

Every tool you need to run the business you want.

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