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Delivery Management

The smarter route to delivering on time

Keeping tabs on delivery orders is now easier than ever. Managing multiple deliveries is simplified with a number of tools to help you efficiently run the delivery side of business. Know the ins and outs of who’s touching the order, from the driver to the customer, at all times. With driver status updates and intelligent delivery time estimations, your business will always be in control and satisfy all customers.

Delivery Management Screenshot

Driver Tracking

Ensure deliveries are made on time by tracking the status of each driver as they make their runs to and from the customer. Gain a view of all drivers and their associated orders, and even monitor their check ins/outs and planned routes.
Driver tracking with revel systems delivery management

Map Overview

See everything that is happening on a virtual map with pins representing each order’s status or distance. Master the map by drawing shapes on it to represent areas you’d like to limit deliveries to. Know if a delivery is either opened or undelivered through color coding and provide additional item suggestions for orders.
Map overview with revel systems delivery management

Driver Histories

Learn the order history of every driver and access detailed payment and tip information for every delivery made.

Detailed reports

Gain business insight with real-time reports, including detailed delivery order histories. Always be in the loop with the ability to access data anytime, anywhere.

Smart Estimations

Provide realistic delivery times by easily calculating the average time it takes to prepare food and deliver it to the customer.

Caller I.D.

View the phone number and pull up a customer’s associated profile information when they call your business for a delivery order.
caller id with revel systems delivery management

Every tool you need to run the business you want.

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