Revel quick-service

Customer Facing Display

Create an interactive checkout experience

Engage your customers and streamline checkout with a Customer Display System! Revel’s CDS is an easy to use, customer-facing screen that is customizable and displays order details. Completely wireless and incredibly fast, our fully integrated display is built to showcase imagery and messaging.

Revel Systems iPad POS at Five Markets Grocery

Signature Screen

Customers can easily sign with a touch of a finger directly on the Customer Display System.

Tip Submissions

Studies prove customers tip more with an iPad. Make employees happier and enable customers to add tip amounts to payments when checking out.

Receipt Options

Provide customers the option to print, email or decline receipts on the display screen.

Branded Advertising

Display dynamic and custom imagery, messaging and advertisements between sales.

Order Tracking

Improve accuracy by allowing customers to track their orders, including totals and discounts, during order processing.

Always On Mode

Customer Facing Displays stay up and running, even if the Internet goes down.

Every tool you need to run the business you want.

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