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Always On Mode

Stay Up and Running

Whether your Internet slows down or there’s a power outage, Revel ensures that your business continues to process payments. Revel’s advanced hybrid architecture enables your iPad POS to run offline or on a local network, uninterrupted, so you’re constantly growing your dream business.

Always on mode

Internet Outage Protection

Your business remains undisturbed during Internet outages by automatically connecting to the iPad’s local network.

Payment Processing Uninterrupted

Continue to smoothly process payments and make sales during outages, even credit cards.

Data Re-Sync

All business performance data will re-sync with the cloud once connectivity returns. View reports and gain insights on sales that were made during Always On Mode.
Always on mode

Hybrid Architecture

Revel’s iPad POS runs on a local network, based on the Apple iPad, while still maintaining all of the benefits of a cloud-based system. There is no loss in functionality when operating Always On mode.

No Extra Cost or Requirements

Accessing this feature does not need additional requirements and comes at no extra cost.

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