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Speed up sales with Revel’s iPad POS Scales. These Scales integrate directly to your Revel Point of Sale system without double entry, speeding up transactions and avoiding any costly mistakes. All Scales integrate seamlessly, and are certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

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Brecknell 6702U Scale

The 6702U POS scale is designed to deliver efficiency and enhance safety when handling foods. Ideal for delis, cafes, frozen yogurt shops and QSR restaurants that need to quickly weigh and scan food items.

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Brecknell scale

Brecknell 6720U Scale

As the most versatile scale option, the Brecknell offers a fast and reliable stainless steel scale. Best for frozen yogurt shops, delis, cafes and QSR restaurants that need to quickly weigh and scan food items.

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Honeywell Stratos Scale

Honeywell Stratos 2700

Scanning and scale capabilities for retail and grocery owners who want high-volume transactions. With an LCD Display, live video feed enables cashiers to monitor items under the cart, and prevent losses.

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