Payment Devices

Ingenico iPP320

The easy-to-install Ingenico iPP320 gives merchants the ability to accept PIN and contactless payments.

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Ingenico iSC Touch 250

Ingenico iSC250

The iSC Touch 250 is a compact payment powerhouse, making a large impact at the Point of Sale.

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Verifone device

Verifone VX820

The VX 820 PIN pad is incredible easy to use and readable in any environment. It features single-port connectivity, a 3.5” color touch screen, and is EMV and Contactless-compliant.

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Verifone device

Verifone MX915

Boasting a 4.3” color display, this powerful processor is a sleek and space-saving unit that is EMV and NFC/contactless enabled.

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Ingenico device

Ingenico iPP350

The Ingenico is a fast and compact credit card swipe. Built with a 16-key backlit keypad and EMV capabilities, it’s perfect for mobile merchants.


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Infinea Tab M card swipe

Infinea Tab M

A fast-performing mobile credit card swipe designed specifically for the iPad. It has a minimum wipe speed of 1.97 in/sec, and fits directly onto your Apple device.

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ID tech card swipe

ID Tech SecureMag (IDRE Series)

A compact yet powerful design, the SecureMag takes up minimal counter space while processing a high-volume of payments.

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