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Payment Devices

Protect your customers with high-quality Payment Devices. Whether you need credit card swipes or chip readers, Revel sources only the best hardware for your Point of Sale system, making sure that every option is PCI compliant and secure. These trusted options are compact and easy for both you and your customers to use.

iCMP Mobile iPad Case

Simplify your mobile transactions by pairing your iCMP with your mobile order taker and letting employees handle everything on the floor.  From retail to hospitality and beyond, enjoy the freedom of transacting with customers where they are.

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Ingenico iCMP

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a secure mobile point of sale solution. The iCMP connects via Bluetooth to any iOS, Windows or Android tablet or smartphone. By offering the most advanced payment capabilities, it turns a tablet or smartphone into a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution.

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Ingenico iPP320

The easy-to-install Ingenico iPP320 gives merchants the ability to accept PIN and contactless payments.

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Ingenico iSC Touch 250

Ingenico iSC250

The iSC Touch 250 is a compact payment powerhouse, making a large impact at the Point of Sale.

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Ingenico device

Ingenico iPP350

The Ingenico is a fast and compact credit card swipe. Built with a 16-key backlit keypad and EMV capabilities, it’s perfect for mobile merchants.


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Infinea Tab M card swipe

Infinea Tab M

A fast-performing mobile credit card swipe designed specifically for the iPad. It has a minimum swipe speed of 1.97 in/sec, and fits directly onto your Apple device.

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ID tech card swipe

ID Tech SecureMag (IDRE Series)

A compact yet powerful design, the SecureMag takes up minimal counter space while processing a high-volume of payments.

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