Infinea Tab

Infinea Tab card swipe for Revel Systems iPad POS hardware

Infinea Tab Credit Card Swipe

The Infinea Tab from Infinite Peripherals is a robust mobile credit card swipe designed specifically for the iPad.

This means the product has been approved to meet all of Apple’s security standards. As a complete card reader, the Infinea Tab also comes complete with a built in barcode reader. The 3-track magnetic card reader allows you to swipe cards conveniently and securely.

With security in the forefront, the Infinea Tab meets the security standards set by the PCI DDS making it PCI compliant. Not only is the Infinea Tab secure, it’s fast. With a minimum swipe speed of 1.97 in/sec, retailers and hospitality merchants will be able to speed up lines and keep customers happy. The Infinea Tab is the future of credit card swipes and a perfect compliment to Revel Systems iPad POS hardware.

Features and Benefits

  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery – 1100 mAh Charging via USB or Charging Station
  • 3-Track Head
  • Swipe Speed: Minimum of 1.97 in/sec
  • Bidirectional reading capabilities
  • 9-pin Lightening connector
  • 10-pin female Mini-B USB connector
  • External RS
  • Visual: 2 LEDs for device status

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