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Cash Drawer & Till

Revel Systems Cash Drawers & Tills ensure the cash-handling aspect of your business runs smoothly. The APG cash drawer provides Revel with their sturdy cash drawers withstanding damage and ensuring long-lasting use. Revel also supports multiple cash drawer setups for restaurants and bars where owners want to keep tills separate.

apg vasario 1616

APG Vasario 16″ Cash Drawer

The APG Vasario 16″ cash drawer is a reliable and durable solution for a long-term till.

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vasario 1313 cash drawer

APG Vasario 13″ Cash Drawer

This 13″ standard duty cash drawer comes in black or beige and has been tested to last beyond one million transactions.

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m-s 16

M-S 16″ Cash Drawer

The M-S 16″ x 16″ cash drawer comes with two media slots and a black powder coated finish for your cash handling needs.

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M-S Cash Drawer, 13

M-S 13″ Cash Drawer

The M-S 13″ x 13″ cash drawer has a small footprint for any space-sensitive counter, and comes in both black and “Apple White.”

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APG Cash Drawer

Revel Systems Cash Drawers & Till

Durable and long-lasting, the APG Cash Drawer provides Revel with a cash-handling solution that communicates instantaneously with the Revel iPad POS system.

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