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Keep your sensitive business data and your customers’ information protected from potential threats with the highest level of PCI-compliant cloud technology, Point-to-Point Encrypted (P2PE) payments, and rich user access controls.

Employee Security

  • Set employee permissions to control access to the Management Console and POS. Easily set up your entire team by defining permissions by user groups or assign specific access by individual.
  • Secure your POS with employee login security. Prevent breaches with PIN numbers that will automatically lock after too many failed attempts  and add an extra layer of protection with personal swipe cards.

Secure Your Payments

EMV Compliance

Meet industry standards and have total peace of mind that your business is protected from chargeback liability with Revel’s EMV compliant payment solutions.

Payment Gateways

Securely authorize credit card payments with one of Revel’s integrated payment gateway partners.

Payment Processors

Confidently take payments of all types with securely transmitted processing. With encryption at the point of contact, sensitive payment data is never stored on the POS. As a payment agnostic platform, Revel integrates effortlessly with a variety of industry-leading payment processor partners.

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