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Fuel Pump Management

You’re in the driver’s seat to manage your fuel operations directly from your Point of Sale. Track and monitor wet stock in real-time, set automatic low-stock alerts, control your gas dispensers, and manage your entire gas station business with Revel.

Manage Your Gas Remotely

Remotely control fuel dispensers from your POS and perform actions including pump authorization, designate gas distribution, and stropping pumps in case of emergency of other circumstances.

Wet Stock and Tank Transfers

Monitor tank inventory, fuel deliveries, and fuel transfers from one tank to another.

Pump Testing

Ensure accurate levels of fuel are dispensed and perform pump testings to determine if recalibrations are needed.

Handle Your Convenience Store Operations

Track every item in your store, and set up alerts to let you know when to restock or reorder. Manage your retail operations in tandem with your wetstock.

Intelligent Reporting

Access detailed reports including wet stock inventory, sales activity, and retail inventory. Gain valuable insights on both sides of your business from a single dashboard.

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