Frequently Asked Questions – iPad POS FAQ


Have a question about Revel’s iPad Point of Sale? See below for the Revel iPad POS FAQ. Feel free to click one of the slides below to learn more about how Revel iPad POS can start working for your business. Whether you own a restaurant, retail, or grocery location (or anything in between), you’ll discover that Revel offers the ideal point of sale solution to suit your individual business needs.

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Why an iPad POS?

Why do I need a POS?

A Point of Sale, or POS, system is the most efficient way to run and keep track of your business. From detailed business analytics, to employee payroll and inventory tracking, having a robust, fully functional POS system can help drive business, reduce waste or theft, and automate many of the tedious processes that it takes to run an effective and successful business. A POS system is an investment in your business, and the best way to grow your business to its fullest potential. Learn more about your Revel POS Return on Investment here.

Why Revel POS?

Because we were one of the first, we’re the best and most innovative POS system around! Revel Systems was one of the first players to get into the iPad POS game, and we’ve been at the forefront ever since. Revel has the fastest iPad POS on the market with the only Always On Mode and the fastest speed of innovation. We’ve won numerous awards and garnered a lot of industry recognition. Ask any of our clients about our support and customer service, and you’ll see where our company really shines.

More than this, though, Revel GROWS with your business, from opening your first location with REVELite, and expanding your operation with Revel Business, to building your global empire with Revel Enterprise. From Mom and Pop corner stores, to multinational corporations, Revel is the only iPad POS to offer a custom solution perfect for your business.

Our system is QUICK. INTUITIVE. POWERFUL. And we can’t wait to have you join the REVELution!

Isn’t Revel a new company?

Revel was founded in 2010—not long after the iPad—so as far as iPad POS companies go, we’re about as experienced as they come! Furthermore, just because the product is new, doesn’t mean our team is! We’ve got a young and ambitious team with years of experience in a number of relevant fields, from PCI Compliance and payments, to the service industry and POS itself.

Because the iPad is so new, is it risky to use as my business’s POS?

While the iPad hasn’t been around as long as some other POS hardware, we definitely see that as a good thing. The POS industry hadn’t seen change for 30 years until we came along! And the truth of the matter is the iPad is lighter, stronger, faster and more responsive than any touch screen or POS hardware that has ever existed, and at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but the iPad is incredibly durable. With an extended battery life, and no ports or fans like a traditional system, your iPad will operate at full functionality without fear of grease, spills or even power outages. In fact, we’ve never had to replace a single iPad from overuse, which certainly can’t be said of legacy screens, which lose sensitivity from day one. Luckily, the POS market has taken notice, and is quickly moving towards tablet-based systems, and we’ve been leading the charge since the beginning! Not only that, but customers take notice when a business is using an iPad as well. Have you heard of a legacy system that can generate that kind of buzz?   To find out more iPad POS goto our iPad POS history page to find out more about Revel Systems.

Why Revel's iPad POS?

What is the Customer Kiosk?

Revel is currently the only turnkey iPad POS solution to offer customer-facing kiosks. Automated, customer-driven ordering means easier upsells, lower labor costs, and higher customer attraction and engagement!

What Are Digital Menu Boards?

Digital Menu Boards are a sleek and convenient way for you to display your restaurant’s menu, as well as advertise your business. Revel Systems has teamed with partner Digital Menu Me to offer cloud-based digital signage for any type of business. Our multi-location systems are easier to set up and use than traditional signage. You can upload photos, menus and even social media feeds to engage customers and add a clean, modern look to your business.

I’ve always used a legacy system, why should I change?

Again, the market is moving towards tablets and a customer-driven experience. Legacy systems haven’t changed for 30 years, and Revel has been able to disrupt the entire space in just 2 -3 years. We’re nimble, hungry and passionate about what we do. We want to build the Point of Sale of the 21st century, and change the way business and customers engage and do business. There’s no other company in the world where you will find an office of people debating the ins and outs of POS software. This passion is what gets us up in the morning, and it’s what got us where we are today. You won’t find that in a legacy system!

I’ve heard cloud-based systems are slow and faulty–is this true?

It’s true, most are! But thankfully, Revel Systems iPad POS is not. In reality, most cloud-based systems aren’t more than a basic web app that you can access from a tablet or computer. This means that every time you press a button, you’re loading a new screen, loading some new data, or pulling from the Internet. Not so with Revel. We run the entire system on your local network, meaning that all your data runs on the iPad and gets pushed to the cloud every few seconds. So if the Internet goes down, the entire system continues to run and simply stores your data locally until connection returns, and then everything gets seamlessly pushed out again. It’s not so much cloud-based as cloud-backed, and most of the time you won’t notice any difference in functionality.

What is Always On Mode?

Always On Mode is the ability to continue to use your system without any hiccups even when your Internet is down. And don’t be fooled, while many other systems talk about being able to operate while offline, Revel is the only system that delivers on what we call a Always On Mode. No need to buy extra hardware or special equipment, and there is no loss in functionality. We call it Always On Mode, because more often than not you won’t even notice you’ve gone offline, as there won’t be difference in your system. You can even continue to accept credit cards.* All your terminals will still communicate, all your data will be accurately stored, and you won’t lose any confidence in your system. And we’re the only ones who can make this claim.

* Credit Cards accepted in Always On Mode may not be fully authorized until Internet connectivity is reestablished. Revel is not liable for any failed or declined transactions made while in Always On Mode, nor do we recommend accepting cards for any amount over $10.

What does it mean when you say Hybrid Architecture?

Our Hybrid Architecture is what allows Offline Mode. It’s what gives us the speed of a local system and the convenience of a cloud system. Your system is run locally on your iPad (think of the iPad as the 21st century version of your back office server), but it’s backed and stored in the cloud. Your system runs seamlessly at your business, with all your reporting and analytics available at home. It’s the best of both worlds!

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a new requirement for PCI Compliance. Basically, it is software that we load onto your iPad to help secure your system from any outside tampering or fraud. We can lock your iPad to prevent employees from using other apps, as well as push new upgrades as soon as they are out. Not only is it now required for PCI Compliance, but Revel is the only iPad POS to offer it, meaning you won’t have to worry about upgrades down the line. You can learn more here.

What is WiFi Management?

Revel WiFi Management is a new feature that will help Revel Systems ensure that your iPad POS is running at its full potential. By using enterprise level WiFi Access Points and special software, Revel can monitor your network to guarantee that all of your peripherals are communicating with the system correctly, and that all of your iPads are operating at full signal strength. It’s just another level of assurance that you won’t run into any networking trouble during a busy service. Again, Revel is the only iPad POS to offer this feature, which you can learn more about here.

Can you handle Gift Cards and Reward Programs?

Of course! Revel not only offers Gift cards through providers such as Mercury Gift Cards, Valutec and Givex, but we also have reward partners through LevelUp, LoyaltyTree and Synergy Rewards. Furthermore, Revel has also developed our own proprietary Gift and Reward Card programs that integrate directly into our system and reporting suites, for a low monthly and no per-swipe fees. Contact us for more information.

What kind of reporting is available?

Revel has the most robust reporting in the industry. Currently, Revel iPad POS users have access to 15+ reports, and we’re expanding all the time. Our reports include:

  • Sales Summary – A global breakdown of all financial payments and transactions
  • Hourly Sales – Sales totals broken down by the hour or time period
  • Product Mix – A listing of all products sold in a given time period with easy to read graphs and figures
  • Order History – A comprehensive history of all orders, including any and all relevant information
  • Payment Summary – Detailed breakdown of payment types received
  • Voids and Discounts – Track all voids, discounts, exchanges or returns
  • Establishment Payments – Show total sales for different locations, as well as franchise fee calculations
  • House Accounts – Show all open orders or charges levied towards a “House Account”
  • Gift and Reward Card Reports – Series of reports showing all outstanding gift cards, gift card transactions, and outstanding reward card point values
  • Customers’ Orders – Detailed CRM system to track customers’ contact information, complete order history and any relevant notes or info
  • Labor – Track labor costs as a percentage of incoming sales
  • Payouts – Track till payouts for employee tips, purchases, etc.
  • Tax – Detailed breakdown of various tax totals by tax rate
  • Catering & Delivery – Stay on top of any pre-ordered items and upcoming orders
  • Delivery Driver Report – Track average food prep times, average delivery times, as well as tips and relevant delivery information, great for pizza shops and delivery restaurants!

Revel also offers detailed inventory tracking, employee payroll, and purchase order generation. It is truly the all-in-one iPad POS solution for any business!


Can I handle tips?

Of course! Revel not only accepts tips, but will also track them for each of your employees and the business as a whole. Employees can declare tips, or enter them into individual orders, or through the batch process screen, it’s up to how you run your business.

Does Revel allow for split bills?

Revel makes splitting the bill easy. You can split orders evenly amongst patrons, by individual items, or even by each guest’s seat number.

Does Revel offer ingredient tracking?

Revel is the only iPad POS to offer detailed ingredient inventory and tracking. Create recipes, set up inventory and maintain the most granular, up-to-date overview of your business.

Can I use Revel for my full service restaurant?

Absolutely! Table Service POS is one of out most popular software packages. With our easy-to-use table layout and table-service specific features, your full service restaurant can be up and running in no time.

What if I own a bar? Do you handle multiple bar tabs?

Revel is built for speed and ease of use. With Revel bar tab features, you can handle hundreds of open tabs, and get customers’ orders in and processed faster than ever before.

Can my customers order tableside?

We have a number of mobile or handheld options for servers to take orders. Employees can use iPads, iPad minis, or even iPhones or iPods. You can even process payment table-side, if you’d like. For more casual establishments, you can integrate mobile order takers or “line-buster” iPads. We also have customer-facing Kiosks for direct ordering from a purpose-built iPad software, offering higher customer engagement and lowering your overhead.

Can I use Online Ordering?

That too! We currently partner with Zuppler for online ordering. Orders get sent to the kitchen at the appropriate time with staggering to make for the most efficient order fulfillment. Employees will be alerted to those orders directly from the point of sale, and can then pull up those orders and complete any transactions necessary, all without any added hardware or updates.

What does Revel offer my food truck?

Revel has a custom-built food truck solution, with mobile-specific hardware and features, including completely mobile solutions and social media integration. You can read more about our Food Truck POS here.


As a business owner, I want to be sure I can see what my employees are doing.

Security is and always has been the cornerstone of our Revel iPad POS system. Revel has the most robust security and employee oversight features of any iPad POS, from photo clock-in to prevent “buddy clock-ins,” to customizable password protection and Admin swipe cards, and even detailed void, discount, exchange and return tracking. We’ve also developed our Revel Intelligent Reporting to automatically flags incorrect or suspicious orders, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Who has access to my business’s data?

All data coming from your Revel iPad POS is encrypted, and anonymous, so it will never be linked to your business. You control who has access by granting security access to your backend management console. Want your GM to be able to set up your products and add employees, but not see your detailed reporting? No problem! Want your accountant to see your payroll, but not be able to change your system settings? Done, and done. With your Revel iPad POS, you have ultimate control.

I’m worried about losing data when the server goes down.

All new data will be stored locally until your iPad POS is reconnected to the server. The likelihood of this backup feature being necessary is very rare, since all data is stored at multiple redundancies—meaning if one server fails, the next server will kick in to seamlessly pick up where the others left off.

Credit Card Processing

Do I have to use Revel’s credit card processor?

Revel can integrate with over 95% of all merchant service providers, including all major platforms. We can help you navigate the often overly confusing world of payment processors with the help of our partners, which leads us to our next question…

Does Revel have any partner processors?

Revel has partnered with a number of payment processors. Whenever we find a company that we feel matches Revel’s commitment to top quality products and service, we want to partner with them! Mercury Payments and Priority Payments are two of the fastest growing and most competitive payment processors on the market, and we’d be more than happy to help set up your merchant services, often with discounted rates. Just ask us how.

What if I want to use my current processor? Who do you work with?

We realize that some people already have strong relationships with their existing merchant service providers (MSPs), or simply like to shop around. That’s not a problem! Revel Systems integrates with over 95% of processors through the gateway USAePay, and your processor is most likely one of them. The good news is that we can help set up your USAePay account, even if your current processor can’t. You can find more information on the MSP setup process with this simple infographic here.

Is Revel PCI Compliant?

PCI Compliance has been a cornerstone of our system since day one, and we wouldn’t dream of having a system any other way. And you shouldn’t either, because if a merchant is found to not be in compliance with PCI standards, he or she could be susceptible to thousands of dollars in fines for every transaction processed outside of compliance. Revel Systems was not only founded by a PCI Compliance expert that has consulted for large brands like Restoration Hardware, but we are also at the forefront of PCI Compliance as the first iPad POS to integrate Mobile Device Management and EMV compatibility directly into our system!


What kind of support does Revel Systems offer?

All Revel iPad POS software packages include unlimited web ticket support standard. Premium phone packages are also available for that extra peace of mind.

Does Revel have an SLA available?

Of course, you can find our Revel Support SLA here.

I’m used to setting up support visits from technicians, what if Revel doesn’t have a presence near me?

Many legacy systems were developed around old, clunky hardware and software solutions, and were completely based locally, meaning it was impossible to do maintenance without a technician’s visit. That means setting up an appointment, waiting for availability, and, most importantly, LABOR COSTS! Because Revel is a cloud-based system, you don’t need any of those unnecessary hangups that plagued legacy system support. The vast majority of support issues can be handled instantly and remotely, meaning all you need to do is shoot us an email or pick up the phone and we can have your system up and running the way you want in no time. No appointments necessary.

Getting Set Up

What is a Customer Advocate?

Each client, upon purchase of the system, is assigned his or her own Customer Advocate. This Customer Advocate can help you with non-technical issues and questions, and help you to fully utilizing the power of your Revel iPad POS. They will also help walk you through your onboarding call when you first purchase the system to make sure everything works the way you want. We want to make sure your Revel experience is the best it can possibly be!

How do I know exactly what I need?

At Revel Systems, we like to take the consultative approach to POS, meaning we’d be happy to help you find the best system for your business, even if you’re not sure exactly what you want yet. Just give us a call!

What size iPad do I need?

We recommend 16GB iPads for all systems, as they offer more than enough storage space. Our system operates on Generation 2 iPads and above.

Do I need a data plan?

You will only need a data plan if you are using a mobile solution without WiFi, such as for events or food trucks. In that case, a 2 GB plan per location is sufficient.

Can I source my own hardware?

Maybe, though we always recommend sourcing directly from Revel. Much of our hardware, such as card swipes and certain peripherals must be sourced from Revel because we need to configure them with special encryption and configurations in order for the system to work seamlessly. Other types of hardware, such as cash drawers and printers, may work, though you must confirm that they are the right make and model. Even then there may be issues or fees applicable, so we do highly recommend sourcing from Revel.

How do I go about getting my system set up?

Just call us! Already purchased a system? Contact or your Customer Advocate for next steps.

How do I build my Menu or Product List?

Building your Menu or Product List is fairly straight forward, and most customers handle it themselves. We even have a number of helpful videos to assist you here. We can also assist you for a slight fee.

How long does it take once I place my order?

You can usually expect your system to be set up and ready to go in about 7-12 business days after date of purchase. Once you have placed your order and we have processed payment, our fulfillment center will begin building your Backend Management Console and configuring your system, both of which usually happen simultaneously and within 24-48 hours. Once your Management Console is built, you will receive an email with login credentials to allow you to begin setting up your menu or item list immediately. Around this time, your hardware will be shipped, which can take anywhere between 5 and 10 business days. We also recommend setting your system up at least a week before going live to ensure the smoothest launch possible.

I’m ready to get going, where can I start?

Easy: Just give us a call at (855) 738-3555 or email us at We look forwarding to hearing from you.


How does Revel handle returns?

Revel can pull up previous orders based on sale ID number, receipt barcodes, or the last 4 digits of a CC number. Revel makes it easy to process and keep track of returns, even storing all historic returns data in a detailed report on your Management Console.

Does Revel process Exchanges?

Easily process exchanges on the iPad, and track them on your Management Console. All order history data and exchange tracking information will even link to the products that were exchanged for, so you can keep track of every detail.

Does Revel handle Refunds?

Refunds are also a breeze. In most cases, you can process complete or partial refunds directly onto any payment type that made the original purchase, whether it’s a credit card or just a cash refund. Again, it’s up to how you want to run your business.

Does Revel offer a Matrixed Inventory?

Revel is the only iPad POS to offer matrixed inventory. You can create attributes such as size, color, length, width—you name it—and assign them to products to accurately track your entire inventory.

What if I want to use eCommerce?

Your Revel iPad POS can integrate directly into your Shopify eCommerce solution. By integrating directly into your Shopify inventory, anytime a sale is made on your Revel iPad POS, Revel will send that information to Shopify and update your inventory there, as well as on your Management Console, providing you the most up to date inventory numbers, in real time.


What if I run a grocery store?

Revel is the only iPad POS with a fully functional grocery POS. That means we have the product scales and barcode scanners you need to keep your checkout lane moving. Learn more about our Revel Grocery POS here.

Can Revel handle thousands of items?

Revel has tested and confirmed our iPad POS system for up to 500,000 individual SKUs. Not only that, but you can always add items on the fly according to their various applicable tax rates, or even add additional items that are sold by weight. We built our Grocery POS to fit the needs of actual grocery stores, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!