Customer Story

The Grill on Mill:
Helping with the Hustle to Keep the Laid-Back California Vibe

Revel has helped speed up customer service significantly. When ASU football has a home game, we're swamped. We might serve anywhere from 800 to 1,000 people. I mean, it's insane. Revel certainly helps make it easy. It's fluid. Anybody can jump on the POS, and use it. It's quick; it's simple; it's all laid out right there for you. I can easily modify specials, whatever we wanna do for that day. Boom, it's right there on the screen.

- Jackson Shaw, General Manager, The Grill on Mill

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About The Grill on Mill

The Grill on Mill is a fast-casual restaurant serving Santa Maria-style barbecue in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. Located next to one of the ten largest universities in the US—Arizona State University—The Grill on Mill is never short on customers, especially when the football team has a home game. Between Revel’s intuitive design and its Always On Mode, the restaurant is able to maintain a high speed of service for every football fan, every time without sacrificing their laid-back California atmosphere.

The Revel Solution

“Revel's made managing employees very easy. I’ll do scheduling or adjust times. You know, sometimes people are gonna screw up their schedules; it happens. So I can go back through the Management Console, adjust times, reschedule, do anything I need to. It's very awesome.”

“The reports give us good insight. We're able to see what percentage of recurring customers we have, how much they spend, how we can better accommodate them, give them better deals, keep them coming back, what percentage of new customers we have, what they spend on average. I mean, it's invaluable.”

Why Revel

The Grill on Mill is as proud of their food as they are of their service, and Revel makes it easier to make sure that neither one suffers as a result of complicated technology. “I can bring anyone on as a cashier, as a bartender, and they almost know how to do it without me even saying anything. I would say it definitely gives us an edge, because it's easier. No question, it has certainly boosted the speed of service.” For Jackson, who says he’s doing the work of three managers, having something reliable makes the difference between getting through the day and being stressed out all the time. “Without Revel, life would just be gloomy, and there would be one more problem. I haven't experienced a whole lot of different point of sale systems, but this one, it's just simple. I don't want a different one, ever. It's too easy.”

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