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People tend to have very short lunch breaks around here, so I wanted to make sure they were spending less time waiting in line and more time enjoying their lunch. That’s why we went with Revel’s self-service kiosks.
- Catherine Heaney, Owner, CHARburger

About CHARburger

Catherine Heaney decided Downtown Fresno was the perfect spot for her second restaurant. With the mix of tech companies moving to the area, and a serious lack of lunch options, she knew it was the perfect opportunity. However, she didn’t want to just offer food; she really wanted to make the experience convenient and customer centric. She had another system in her first restaurant, but she knew that she wanted more. This time around, Revel was the obvious choice.

The Revel Solution

"We wanted something a more intricate than our other system. Something that could handle modifiers and provide an interactive experience. Whether people order at the counter or on the self-service kiosks, the orders go straight to the kitchen. It’s really streamlined and customers can relax and enjoy the whole experience.

With the Kitchen Display System (KDS), you can make sure that people are getting exactly what they ordered. I can also see how long an order took. I think that’s critical. When I’m not here, I like that I can really see things happening that I wouldn’t be able to with my old system, so that’s a huge relief."

Why Revel

Catherine is constantly energized by the businesses that she’s created, but not just for the sake of doing business. She really loves to share her passion. “I’ve always loved food. I want to keep making food, and I want to grow our business. I would definitely use Revel at another location. I can’t imagine a better system.” And while she isn’t a novice at running a business, by using the right tools, she’s able to further rest assured that she’s making the best decisions. “Whether I want to glance at reports or dig in, the Management Console makes it really easy. I can know the status of my business at every moment in the day. Revel has a lot to offer at a lower price point than their competitors.”

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