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iPad POS | revel systems iPad pos update for version 1495 with picture of seth snyder

Top 5: Updates for Revel POS Version 1495

The Revel engineering team has been hard at work to bring you the latest and greatest updates to our iPad POS software. Below are the top 5 updates for Revel POS Version 1495, and as always, remember to contact your account manager for questions regarding the update. 1. Supporting linking class based discounts to customer groups If you set up class for your products, you can discount that whole group. 2. Printing suggested tips on...

iPad POS | Football season promotions

Touchdown: How To Get Football Fans Into Your Restaurant

It’s that time again:  it’s fall, the leaves are changing, and the air is getting crisp. More importantly, it’s football season, and denizens across the United States are gathering to cheer their favorite team to victory. As a business owner, it’s in your best interests to attract these football fans to your establishment. Unless you’re a sports bar boasting 20+ flat screens, how can you hope to compete? Let’s take one example of a business...

iPad POS | Founder Friday at Revel Systems

Founder Friday: Opposites Attract

What To Look For In A Co-Founder, Or Opposites Attract—Founder Friday Chris Ciabarra, CTO of Revel Systems on how he met his co-founder, Revel CEO Lisa Falzone: “I met my co-founder, Lisa Falzone, when searching the Internet for an Einstein quote—’Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’ I found the quote on Lisa’s blog about inspirational ideas, ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ We got to talking, and...

iPad POS | Revel Cloud

Top 4 Reasons To Choose The Cloud

Back-office Servers and Your Point of Sale The cloud is on everyone’s minds these days. As point-of-sale industry trends veer away from hardware and more towards cloud-based systems, what do you need to know about these changes?Please read cloud storage reviews Why is it necessarily better to choose the cloud over hard-wired back-of-office solutions? Here are four reasons how the cloud can make the most of your POS: Secure: Just because your data is based...

iPad POS | Release 1493 with Oscar Romero

Top 5: Updates for Revel POS Version 1493

We are proud to bring you some great updates for Revel POS in Version 1493. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions about any of the features and how they affect your business. Here are the top 5 new feature updates that we would like to share with you.  1. Open & Close Tabs by Swiping a Credit Card: We’ve created a great feature for bar and restaurant clients with the fastest...

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iPad POS | a pizza brought to you by revel pos for pizza restaurants

Revel POS for Pizza Restaurants: Easy as Pie

The Revel POS system is already becoming the most widely used iPad POS for quick service, table service, and retail environments. With several new features recently added, Revel is easily the perfect POS solution for pizza restaurants as well. The new Revel delivery management system makes it easy as pie for owners to keep track of deliveries. From the time an order is received, and until it reaches the customer, the order is tracked and recorded. When...

iPad POS | try before you buy revel systems apps

Try Before You Buy: Two Great Ways to Experience Revel, Risk-free

It was announced last month that Revel Systems is expanding its presence in the iTunes App store. Downloading one of the Revel apps—whether it’s the Kiosk System, Retail, or Quick Service POS—is an excellent way to try Revel before you buy. These apps are fortified with Revel 2.0, which includes various updates to Revel’s software and overall security. New features are included as well, allowing users to fully explore the Revel POS. Try out these...

iPad POS | city beer store and revel

Save Time at the Bar with Inventory Management

Craig Wathen at City Beer Store in San Francisco has a lot of inventory. In addition to having some of the best microbrews and IPA’s on tap, you can also buy beer by the bottle to take home. We sat down with Craig to find out a bit more about how they use Revel for business. City Beer store is a growing model for businesses that sell both product and service. Maybe your store has...

iPad POS | Ideal POS ecosystem

The Complete POS Ecosystem [Infographic]

What factors foster the ideal POS ecosystem? That is, what creates the best point of sale environment for your business? POS systems come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to differentiate from the clutter. There are several factors which you should consider when choosing the right your POS system for your business. 5 Elements of The Complete POS Ecosystem: Apps – Does your current point of sale integrate with third party vendors, allowing...

iPad POS | New Feature Customer Order Alert Screen

New Feature! Customer Order Alert Screen

Newsflash, your order is ready. This new piece of hardware is what you have been literally waiting for. Waiting for an order at a quick service restaurant can often be a hectic and time consuming process for both parties involved. Customers are eagerly waiting to hear their order numbers called, while employees are trying to announce order numbers over a crowd of attendants. Revel Systems iPad POS is making strides to improve the customer-employee relationship...

iPad POS | Tableside iPad Case

Powered By Revel: Tableside Ordering On the iPad Mini

Technology is taking the restaurant industry by storm. The most widespread innovation is the use of an iPad as a cash register, but what about the iPad Mini? It might not be large enough for a restaurant’s main POS terminal, but it makes an engaging and convenient means of taking orders tableside. iPad Minis provide the same functionality as a standard-size iPad, but are lighter and easier to carry around. This makes them ideal for...

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