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With the New Year quickly approaching, it’s important to look back and reflect on the previous year. For us here at Revel, 2016 was busy. We introduced Insights by Revel and Revel Guard, announced a partnership with Shell, and an integration with Expensify, all while finishing the year with a...

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3 Tips for a Successful POS Implementation

In a yearly report that details upcoming Point of Sale software trends, Hospitality Technology released key points about drivers of POS adoption. Among these many statistics, respondents indicated that 59% wanted new features added to their current POS system, 58% were occupied with preparing for EMV compliance, and 52% desired more...

iPad POS | end-of-day

Revel POS 101: End-of-Day Process Makes Closing Shop Easy

After a long and hectic day, any business owner can tell you that closing the store is an exhausting task. The day’s transactions need to be closed and batched, employees need to be clocked out, and the establishment needs to cleaned, organized, and refreshed before locking up. The list of...

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Revel POS 101: Hassle Free House Accounts

Operating a successful business is more than managing the front of house and speaking with customers. Behind the scenes, there’s inventory management, scheduling, and most importantly, accounting. Maintaining an organized accounting system is the key to staying on top of finances. When utilizing house accounts with customers, it’s crucial to...

iPad POS | Revel POS 101: Our New Kitchen Display System Helps You Handle the Heat

Revel POS 101: Our New Kitchen Display System Helps You Handle the Heat

There’s no time to waste in a fast-paced restaurant environment. Every second is crucial, whether it’s spent taking orders, preparing dishes, delivering good customer service, or maintaining inventory. When the kitchen heats up during peak hours, there’s no room for error. To maintain efficiency, it’s important to organize how orders...

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