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iPad POS | Hurricane

How Your Business Can Help Hurricane Harvey and Irma Victims

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have caused massive devastation. Those who have been effected in Texas and the Caribbean have had their lives turned upside down. The government has called for a state of emergency in Puerto Rico Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, as Hurricane Irma, a category 5, is...

iPad POS | Revel Partners with DSYNC to Simplify Big Data

Revel Partners with DSYNC to Simplify Big Data

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with DSYNC, a platform dedicated to helping businesses map and transform data across all systems. This partnership expands Revel’s suite of offerings and enables you to run your business through a data aggregator. Data is aggregated from every corner of your business (inventory, eCommerce, accounting...

iPad POS | Internet

5 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Internet

Consumers expect seamless and fast WiFi. And so why shouldn’t owners hold their business to the same expectations? From processing payments to opening purchase orders – improve your network capability, and ultimately better your business with a reliable network. Having a slow and unreliable WiFi network doesn’t just mean slowing...

iPad POS | KPIs

Top KPIs For Measuring Your Workforce

KPIs (key performance indicators) is a measurement to help you understand how your employees and your business is performing. In this case, we are taking a look at the best KPIs to measure the success of your employees. Their success is your businesses success – so it is critical that...

iPad POS | How Does Self-Service Drive Customer Loyalty

How Does Self-Service Drive Customer Loyalty

The ‘service with a smile’ mantra has had an ubiquitous influence within the service industry. Two decades ago the means needed to drive customer happiness was simple; friendly and informed employees. Since the advent of technology, specifically CRM tools, this precedent has seriously shifted. And while the presence of such...

iPad POS | POS Platform

Choosing A POS Platform: Phase I

We shared a high-level overview of what steps you should take when choosing a POS platform. Let’s go deeper and dive into phase I to help you improve the research phase of your journey. After researching this information, you can narrow down your options and be able to provide better...

iPad POS | discounts

Should Your Business Offer Discounts?

With increasing competition in the marketplace, businesses feel compelled to offer discounts in order to entice customers. However, the tactic of using discounts as a “quick-fix” can be unsustainable, or even harmful to your business. Dark Side of Discounts Some of the disadvantages of poorly strategized discounts include reducing the...

iPad POS | intermediate inventory

How To Track Intermediate Inventory

Half of all small businesses use a manual method or don’t track inventory at all. The sheer number of businesses that do not have an accurate or even good idea of what their inventory looks like is a huge problem. Because of poor inventory management, businesses are losing sales, decreasing...

iPad POS | How To Choose A POS Platform

How To Choose A POS Platform

So you’re interested in buying a Point Of Sale platform for your business? Navigating this space can be time consuming, and without the proper recourses, overwhelming. If you’re feeling this, you are not alone because a report by Brother International Corporation and non-profit SCORE revealed that 64 percent of small...

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