iPad POS | restaurant week

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Restaurant Week

New York City Restaurant Week is approaching fast, and from July 24 to August 18, restaurants can expect a flood of new customers. The flood of new customers to your restaurant gives you the opportunity to showcase a refreshed, innovative three-course menu, increase sales volume, and turn these new customers...

iPad POS | technology budget

Is Your Technology Budget Too Low?

Your customer base is increasingly becoming more and more digital savvy. Digital natives grew up using all types of technology – from video games, social networks, and apps to online homework portals, streaming services, and ordering a late night pizza on GrubHub. Accessibility and convenience are paramount to these shoppers....

iPad POS | location

Guide To Picking Your Next Location

Every business owners’ dream is to grow their business. Growth comes in many different forms; you may be experiencing new customers, more repeat customers, or increased revenue. One way to capitalize on this momentum and avoid stagnation is to expand into additional locations. In this case, you have either reveled...

iPad POS | 8 Strategies To Boost Mobile App Downloads

8 Strategies To Boost Mobile App Downloads

Mobile is the darling of the tech world. From reading menus and placing orders to connecting with brands on social media and writing reviews – shoppers interact with businesses in a number of different ways on their phones. And research into that mobile behavior finds that consumers spend 85% of...

iPad POS | Digital Menu Boards

Why Digital Signage Is The Next Big Revenue Driver

A report by Reserachmoz forecasted the direction of Quick Service industry, and detailed key findings. Taking a look at predictions and trends in the industry for the upcoming years, Reserachmoz expects to see a heavy investment in software based solutions as well as an introduction of new hardware to drive...

iPad POS | pricing strategies

The Proven Pricing Strategies Powered By Psychology

Extensive research has been done to understand consumer buying patterns, and how certain pricing techniques can influence people’s perception of value. There are a number of moving parts that go into how people evaluate prices, and much of that decision-making is subconscious.   We’ve bundled up the research, and outlined...

iPad POS | On Turning Tables: How To Improve Your FOH Flow

On Turning Tables: How To Improve Your FOH Flow

Efficient table management is key for revenue maximization and customer satisfaction. Restaurateurs and General Managers need to find the optimal balance between turning tables fast enough to do as many covers as possible, while still providing diners a reasonable amount of time to enjoy their meals. Reservations and Waitlist Management...

iPad POS | beer trends

10 Beer Trends Your Restaurant Needs To Know

When properly poured, draft beer can be one of the most profitable drinks in a bar with profit margins of 85 to 90 percent possible, as outlined by AZ Central. And on average, alcohol sales make up around 30% of restaurant sales, showing the massive opportunity restaurants have to make...

iPad POS | retail

3 Lessons Retail Can Learn From Restaurants

Retail and restaurants may appear to be two separate industries, and two that hardly interact with one another. But there is a core similarity – they are both customer service businesses. This platitude is shedding light on a crucial issue within the retail industry. The issue and key differentiator between...

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