iPad POS | API

What’s The ROI In API?

API or Application Program Interface simply put; asks other software to perform various functions required by the system to operate correctly, as outlined in a recent Computerworld.com article. Analogous to a building without doors, an open API allows a free flow of information between programs. Businesses are integrating with one...

iPad POS | business partnership

3 Questions To Ask Before Forming A Business Partnership

As an entrepreneur you may be hesitant to jump into a business partnership. The “Do It Yourself” approach has fueled a sense of independence and control that has defined how you run your business. But in an ecosystem where the line between competitor and partner is blurred and business partnerships...

iPad POS | game day

5 Ways Your POS Can Help You Score Big On Game Day

The last time our country came together on a Sunday was to revel at the Game of Thrones finale. And this Sunday the country will come together, impassioned and divided, to watch the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots. For the big game, over 100 million viewers will...

iPad POS | stress hacks for small business owners

4 Stress Hacks For Small Business Owners

Sleepless nights, long days, limited family time – sound familiar? Surveys paint a grim picture, with The National Institute of Stress reporting that it costs U.S. businesses more than $300 billion a year in the guise of stress-related “absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity and medical, legal, and insurance costs.” The fact...

iPad POS | technology adopters

Turning Technology Adopters Into Power Users

It’s 2017 and you’re ready to take things up a notch. 2016 for many business owners was the year of realization; new technology emerged and began changing the way businesses operated and offered space for people to work faster and more efficient and intelligent. Early technology adopters were viewed as...

iPad POS | loyalty program

The Secret To Getting Your Loyalty Program Back On Track

Whether your loyalty program has been in place for years or is recently up and running, you may be noticing unredeemed points, low participation, or inconsistencies in your data. These are some warning signs that your current loyalty program is costing you more than benefiting you. A simple cost analysis...

iPad POS | front of house

The Restaurant Technology Ecosystem: Front Of House

The debate between high-tech and high-touch dining experiences has emerged in the restaurant industry over the past few years. Do we sacrifice personal touch and genuine hospitality in our effort to optimize efficiencies using modern technology, or can we create a synergy between the two for the ultimate guest experience?...

iPad POS | mobile business

4 Ways To Optimize Mobile For Small Businesses

Whether your phone is held in your hand, put in your pocket, or placed right next to you while you sleep, it’s suffice to say we are rarely without our loyal sidekick. While commerce exists in a mobile run world, small businesses have been slow to adopt the trend. In...

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