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How Technology Is Disrupting The Pizza Industry [Infographic]

According to PMQ the pizza industry accounts for $128 billion dollars globally, $44 billion of which makes up the U.S. industry. These numbers represent a huge potential for opportunity. And regardless of whether your menu features traditional Sicilian pizza, Chicago deep-dish, or thin crust California-style—there is no doubting the world’s...

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Secrets in Your Data

Every year, a startling number of small businesses close down for good. While there is some variation in the reported number of failed businesses annually, best estimates say between 60% and 80% will close within their first two years. Certainly the reasons for failure are as varied as the businesses...

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Retail Revelations: Disrupting Digital Dominance

Revel announced the Retail Revelations Report this week, which examines consumer habits, preferences, and expectations across the variety of channels that are currently utilized for retail shopping. While large eCommerce platforms like Amazon have undoubtedly influenced the way that consumers search for and buy goods, it may come as a surprise to...

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Why the Digital Landscape Matters to Your Business

At this year’s Revelry conference, we held a number of workshops designed to provide business owners and operators the tools and insights they need to be competitive in the marketplace. In one of those sessions, we focused on the importance of a growing a digital presence, regardless of the size...

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SXSW Panel Picker: How Offline Businesses Can Take on Amazon

Not that long ago, Amazon began to change the face of retail. Once just an online book store a mere 21 years ago, there’s no question that Amazon has become an e-commerce powerhouse, dramatically reshaping the way consumers across the globe do business. Clearly there have been plenty of benefits...

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Back-to-School Shopping In The Millennial Age

  Oh, the days of back-to-school shopping—that frenzy of looking for the trendiest threads and the coolest supplies. Shopping for the new school year is an exciting time for students, parents, and retailers alike. With spending on school shopping expected to reach $75.8 billion in 2016—a huge increase from last...

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