iPad POS | How Does Self-Service Drive Customer Loyalty

How Does Self-Service Drive Customer Loyalty

The ‘service with a smile’ mantra has had an ubiquitous influence within the service industry. Two decades ago the means needed to drive customer happiness was simple; friendly and informed employees. Since the advent of technology, specifically CRM tools, this precedent has seriously shifted. And while the presence of such...

iPad POS | Business Forecasting

The Beginners Guide To Business Forecasting

When you check your weather app to see what you should wear on your upcoming trip, you are forecasting. The temperature you see on the app is derived from a complex set of processes, all rooted in data analysis. By relying on past and present data and patterns as well...

iPad POS | restaurant week

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Restaurant Week

New York City Restaurant Week is approaching fast, and from July 24 to August 18, restaurants can expect a flood of new customers. The flood of new customers to your restaurant gives you the opportunity to showcase a refreshed, innovative three-course menu, increase sales volume, and turn these new customers...

iPad POS | IoT

Smart Restaurant: Implications of IoT for Food Service

What is the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things creates a network between any and all devices based on the idea of total connectivity. Different devices monitor a variety of activities, and the theory behind IoT suggests that these devices should be linked in order to share and analyze...

iPad POS | social media

How To Use Social Media To Drive Online Orders

Thanks to the Internet, the concept of “commerce” has opened up to a ton of new meanings. In fact, the word in itself has taken a new shape. Today we see merchants using new methods of commerce, including eCommerce and Social Commerce, to drive sales online and in-store. Here, we...

iPad POS | POS Platform

Choosing A POS Platform: Phase I

We shared a high-level overview of what steps you should take when choosing a POS platform. Let’s go deeper and dive into phase I to help you improve the research phase of your journey. After researching this information, you can narrow down your options and be able to provide better...

iPad POS | technology budget

Is Your Technology Budget Too Low?

Your customer base is increasingly becoming more and more digital savvy. Digital natives grew up using all types of technology – from video games, social networks, and apps to online homework portals, streaming services, and ordering a late night pizza on GrubHub. Accessibility and convenience are paramount to these shoppers....

iPad POS | discounts

Should Your Business Offer Discounts?

With increasing competition in the marketplace, businesses feel compelled to offer discounts in order to entice customers. However, the tactic of using discounts as a “quick-fix” can be unsustainable, or even harmful to your business. Dark Side of Discounts Some of the disadvantages of poorly strategized discounts include reducing the...

iPad POS | location

Guide To Picking Your Next Location

Every business owners’ dream is to grow their business. Growth comes in many different forms; you may be experiencing new customers, more repeat customers, or increased revenue. One way to capitalize on this momentum and avoid stagnation is to expand into additional locations. In this case, you have either reveled...

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