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iPad POS | A Beginner’s Guide To The Power Of Video Content

A Beginner’s Guide To The Power Of Video Content

You may have realized all too well that a picture speaks a thousand words when it comes to selling your product online. But did you know that video is proven to be even more powerful? Video content engages, delights and connects in ways the written word and images can’t. There’s...

iPad POS | Revel Partners with DSYNC to Simplify Big Data

Revel Partners with DSYNC to Simplify Big Data

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with DSYNC, a platform dedicated to helping businesses map and transform data across all systems. This partnership expands Revel’s suite of offerings and enables you to run your business through a data aggregator. Data is aggregated from every corner of your business (inventory, eCommerce, accounting...

iPad POS | Internet

5 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Internet

Consumers expect seamless and fast WiFi. And so why shouldn’t owners hold their business to the same expectations? From processing payments to opening purchase orders – improve your network capability, and ultimately better your business with a reliable network. Having a slow and unreliable WiFi network doesn’t just mean slowing...

iPad POS | How To Survive Your Slow Season

How To Survive Your Slow Season

When running a business during your busy season, time can fly by, and you often feel like you don’t have enough of it. But traffic ebbs and flows and every business has its slow periods – a drag for business owners and employees. While it may seem like a challenge...

iPad POS | Bar Pazzo: Growing Up In The Restaurant Business

Bar Pazzo: Growing Up In The Restaurant Business

Knowing what you want to do early on is easier for some than others. For Sam Agolino, owner of Bar Pazzo in Pennsylvania, he knew what he wanted do since childhood. Growing up in a family restaurant, Agolino was inspired by his father and what he made for his family....

iPad POS | Retail POS Software

3 Reasons SMBs Are Moving Towards Retail POS Software

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have to run lean to survive, and this means getting the most out of any software, service, or software-as-a-service (SaaS) they use. This is particularly true when it comes to retail. Retail solutions that combine POS with other mission-critical processes can help keep costs down...

iPad POS | Pitchoun Bakery: Keeping Three Generations of Bakers Alive

Pitchoun Bakery: Keeping Three Generations of Bakers Alive

Have you ever felt you need to keep family tradition alive? Frédéric Soulies, owner of Pitchoun Bakery, comes from three generations of bakers, and it’s in his blood to bake. The entire concept behind his business is around memories with his grandparents. Soulies’ grandparents would always call him “Pitchoun,” which...

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