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iPad POS | Revel POS 101: Your Essential Inventory Toolkit

Revel POS 101: Your Essential Inventory Toolkit

Managing inventory is vital to running a successful business. In Revel’s most recent 2.16 release we’ve introduced new, user-friendly features and enhancements which allow users to stay on top of their inventory with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re a retailer, a quick-service establishment, or a restaurant, Revel’s inventory tools will...

iPad POS | Revel POS 101: Managing Your Cash Flow Like a Boss

Revel POS 101: Managing Your Cash Flow Like a Boss

“Cash is king” the saying goes. Even in the new age of endless payment options, cash is still top dog. While there are fees attached to processing credit cards, cash transactions don’t cost businesses a thing. And cash flow is always vital to any properly managed business. It follows, then,...

iPad POS | Tech Tip Friday

Revel POS 101: Troubleshooting Your iPad

Leap Day has now passed along with the month of February, and it is time for another Tech Tip on this first Friday in March. For this Tech Tip, we are going to the roots or foundation of the iPad POS, the iPad itself. A lot of times when you...

iPad POS | Revel History

From Old News to Hot Spot: Reinvent Your Bar

Maybe you can’t put your finger on it, but you’re losing customers and you need to fix it. Or maybe you want to reinvent your bar with a big bang – an event that explodes you onto the scene. The same principles apply either way. People have to want to...

iPad POS | Tech Tip Friday

Revel POS 101: From Reservation to Checkout

Is your business run by appointments? Did you know that the Revel iPad POS can let your customers make an appointment online without having to call someone at their own convenience? Additionally, the system will maintain all of your appointments, and let you bill the customer right from the app. It’s...

iPad POS | Tech Tip Friday Pre-Authorizations

Revel POS 101: Preauthorizations

When you go to a bar or gastropub, what is generally the first thing the bartender, waiter or waitress will ask you after you have placed your first order? They usually say, “Did you want to start a tab?” Having the ability to set up a tab is very convenient...

iPad POS | Revel dog

The Dog Ate Your Excuses: Deliver Sales

Did you hear about the department store that imposed silence on its customers? That was the UK store Selfridges in the run-up to Christmas 2012. A busy high street store in the heart of London, it knew just how manic things could get, and it knew that not everyone appreciates...

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